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Welcome to our men's underwear store

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Air Sculpt Eclipse Boxer

Code: 9516-PURP-M

Our popular Air Sculpt boxer design now features a fun and flirty addition in the back, our new "eclipse" window that gives a small glimpse at what's hiding underneath! This style forms to your body for a perfect sculpted look. The fabric has memory to prevent sagging, keeping everything supported and looking good. The fabric is Micro Modal, which is extra light and so soft you won’t even know you have underwear on! There's a pouch for extra room in front, just where you need it, and our proprietary super soft Ultra Slimming Elastic with extra stretch to reduce cinching and squeezing of your waist which reduces the appearance of your waistline. Add in a contrast waistband and vivid pop-color accents at the leg fly, and rear window openings, and you have a pair of underwear that will always make you stand out!

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Price: 46.00лв.
Out of stock
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- 100% Micro Modal Fabric - 1 1/4 inch (3.2 cm) contrast logo elastic waistband