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Welcome to our men's underwear store

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Blue waistband Hung Brief by aussieBum

Code: AB-HUNK-Brief-Back-L

‘Hunk Reverse’: for the fearless man. This Masculine and sporty underwear range is available in both a Brief and Jock. Manufactured with a striking/ high-contrast aussieBum waistband, these tough undies are perfect for the gym or the active bloke. Be bold, be strong and turn it on with 'Hunk Reverse’.

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Price: 33.00лв.
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90% Cotton, 10% Elastane. Gentle machine wash in cold water. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. Cool iron. Please note: products supplied may vary slightly in terms of waistband logo position.

New Products

Low Cut Brief

Low Cut Brief

Price: 34.50лв.
desert jockstrap

desert jockstrap

Price: 56.00лв.


Mesh Erotic Boxer COCKCON

Mesh Erotic Boxer COCKCON

Price: 21.60лв.
List Price: 27.00лв.
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: 21.60лв.
List Price: 27.00лв.
Discount: 5.40лв. (20.00%)